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An Easier Way to Clear the Clog

Introducing the ZipDrain Jetter Attachment

The ZipDrain Jetter Attachment is a brand new way to easily clear overhead drain clogs. With ZipDrain and the Jetter Attachment you can clear and unclog overhead drains from start to finish with no mess.

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Benefits of the ZipDrain Jetter Attachment

It's Clean

Catch all the splash back and drain it into a bucket or a sucker truck

It's Safe

Ensures the jetter head cannot leave the sewer line and prevents high pressure water from causing damage to the existing area

Clears Sewer Better

Allows all debris to be pulled from the sewer line into a waste bucket

Allows User to Pump Water Back Into the System

Flush several gallons of water through the sewer line to ensure it's clear after jetting is complete

Cross Bore Utility Connection

For companies using jetters instead of rodders due to a cross bore utility connection, this is the perfect add on.

Routine Maintenance

The jetter attachment goes hand in hand with routine jetting maintenance.